Moving Mayhem and Microwaves

Let me see if I can get this written in the next two hours!  It’s been a funny old week, what with moving a friend’s daughter over the weekend, my sinuses playing up and the other ‘me’ saying negative things in my head.  As a result, I’ve not only not got much done around the house but I haven’t touched the blog all week.

Spring has sprung in the garden

No, I don’t have schizophrenia but I have suffered with depression since childhood.  It rears it’s ugly head often and generally January through to March/April is the worst time of year for me.  Long, dark days and the cold take their toll on me mentally almost every year.  This year has been somewhat different, with January having been a very good month but I can feel the black dog’s sinuous tendrils digging it’s sharpened claws into my mind, whispering to me, telling me how rubbish I am.  Fighting the insidious voice is exhausting and combined with a physically demanding job, I’m struggling to get by just keeping up with the daily humdrum mediocrity of my life.

It is a fight, but at the moment I’m trying my utmost to win this one, hence helping my young friend move into her first home away from her mum.  She and her boyfriend have done it on a shoestring so a moving van was out of the question leaving friends and family as their only options, so ‘mummy no.2’ (that’s me) came to the rescue, along with my partner and his car and another friend.  Loading the car wasn’t too bad, taking into account that mummy no.1’s front door opens out on to the road, there’s no pavement and the vet across the road wouldn’t let us park on their hard-standing for the half an hour it took to load all that our young friend had.

spring 2.png
miniature irises

And naturally, the moment we arrived at the new destination, the heavens opened.  It took considerably longer to unload and get everything up 12 floors to the new place.  Time for a cuppa!  Any seasoned home mover knows that the most important things are the kettle, milk, tea, coffee, sugar and of course, mugs… unless it’s your first time of moving and the seasoned veterans don’t think to tell the newbie this beforehand.  Back to mummy no.1’s for a refreshing cuppa, thankfully, I had at least had the forethought to bring some soya milk along for myself.  Well something had to go right, right?

Back to the new place with the last bits and pieces, including a microwave donated by a friend.  As yet, my young friend has no cooker and whilst I have been able to donate tinned soup (foul stuff now that I’m used to making my own soups) and eggs (from my girls) which can easily be scrambled in a microwave, there’s little else she can cook in it apart from processed ready meals.  This is one area I couldn’t help her with as I use my microwave mostly for re-heating home-cooked food and making porridge in so I thought that this week, I’d do a bit of research on what can be conjured from one.

microwave porridge
microwaved porridge

There were only a few vegan options for the microwave but there are plenty that could be veganised.  Try the Jambalaya from BBC GoodFood.  Substitute the spicy sausage for a firm vegetable like aubergine or sweet potato and add in some chilli.  The sour cream can easily be substituted for a vegan natural yogurt such as Alpro’s plain Go-On yogurt.  BBC GoodFood also came up with a Primavera Risotto, try substituting the goat’s cheese with a creamy cashew nut cheese.




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