Somewhere in the grounds of Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna

I’m a mum to 4 gorgeous kids ranging from 16-27 and ‘Gubby’ to one adorable, wacky, energetic 5 year old granddaughter.  I’m also ‘mother’ to 3 rescue hens and a cantankerous, 7 year old female cat called Gizmo.



I like to crochet, cook and garden. Whilst combining gardening and cooking is great fun, I’m not sure that throwing wool into the mix works so well, tho I am told that leaving wool in the garden will encourage birds to build nests. I’d love to state ‘not with my cat about’ with a knowing chuckle, but Gizmo never did get the hang of hunting.  It’s a shame the bird population doesn’t know her as well as I do.

I shall add, subtract and most definitely change things around as time goes by.