Scandinavian Multi-seeded Crispbread


crispbreads 3.png

This is my first time making crispbreads.  I’ve bought and eaten plenty but part of my drive to be more sustainable is to make more of my own foods.  It’s cheaper and much more satisfying biting into something that you’ve made yourself and boy did I bite into these!  Again, and again, and again…. They were pretty darned moreish!

Because there were so many different seeds, every bite had a slightly different burst of flavour.  I didn’t have salt flakes in, so I used sea salt, lightly crushed, and every now and again, there was an explosion of saltiness, along with sudden surges of cumin and tantalising, tongue tickling trickles of aniseed from the fennel seeds.

PICTURE of seeds

Crunchy, crackly, crispbreads are made for scooping up mounds of delicious hummus but if hummus is not your thing (seriously?), then spread them with whatever takes your fancy; peanut butter, pâté, cream cheese, to name but a few.  Or why not try making them without the spices and a little less salt and adding sweetened, dried cranberries to satisfy that craving for something sweet.

Unfortunately, as I’ve used the recipe directly from someone else’s blog, I cannot reproduce it here, but I can give you the link.  Drop Kellie a comment and let her know how the recipe went for you and mention where you got the link to her page from.


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